Indy Soft Water Explains: Water Filtration Words

Freshen up your Indianapolis water knowledge with our handy water word glossary! Understand these 12 water words, and you’ll master the soft water and water filtration lingo like a pro. Activated Carbon This is the main ingredient of basic water filters. Pitcher filters use activated carbon to adsorb—or chemically attract—certain substances into the carbon’s tiny pores. These simple … more »
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Protect What You Have—Effects of Chlorinated Tap Water

If you’re bothered by the taste and smell of chlorine in your home’s water, you might want to think about what else is going on. Using chlorinated water has other concerns for your home, too. We’re taking a behind-the-scenes look at how chlorine reacts with water-using appliances and fixtures. After all, knowledge is power. The more … more »
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How We Work: Indy Soft Water’s First Visit

Choosing a water system for your home can be tricky, but we’re here to help make each step crystal clear. There isn’t always an obvious choice for your new softener or filtration system because every family and every water line is different. That’s why the first visit from Indy Soft Water is focused on learning … more »
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How to Beat Dry Hair—Hard Water vs. Soft Water

If your hair feels more brittle or damaged in the summer months, don’t be too quick to blame your blow dryer. Strange as it may sound, the real issue for dry hair comes down to what happens when your hair is wet. Washing your hair in hard water or soft water plays a big role … more »
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