What’s the Best Water for My Aquarium?

When you have the right water, setting up your new fish tank is easy—even for beginners! Understanding the difference between tap water and filtered water will help ensure that your fish have a healthy, happy life in their new home. Aquarium Cleaning Tips First, you’ve got to get your tank ready. Whether you’re using a … more »
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National Parks Thirsty for Bottle-Free Water

It seems so contradictory that the lands we treasure and protect as National Parks are full of disposable plastic water bottles. An estimated one-third of parks’ waste coming from these bottles. The fact that more and more parks and bottle-free organizations are are pushing for better water policies is a good sign. Out of the 408 National Parks … more »
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The 5 Best Summer Water Trips Around Indianapolis

If you’re getting tired of your old Indy summer stomping grounds, check out some of our ideas. They’re all family-friendly and close to water so you can beat the heat—and your boredom—at the same time. Eagle Creek Park We can’t get enough of Eagle Creek in the summertime! We’ve got one of largest city parks … more »
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3 Reasons Why Pets Drink from the Toilet–and How to Stop It

Summer hydration is important for everyone—including our four-legged friends. Dogs and cats can get dehydrated just like humans. That’s why we’re extending our hydration post to talk about the best drinking water for pets. In particular, why is Fido lapping up toilet water? 1.  Their Main Water Bowl is Empty Obviously the best way to … more »
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