Our Ruling

Indy Soft Water is open to everyone! We want our voice to be heard–Indiana’s new “religious freedom” law does not accurately reflect our values. We don’t support this law, and look forward to continuing business with anyone in our region. What’s new this year?  
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I got a water softener…now what?

Congratulations! You got a water softener! Goodbye, water spots. So long, soap scum. But do you really know what you’re in for? Softened water is dramatically different than hard water. And if you’ve never had soft water before, you need to know how to use it. Save on Soap Soap loves soft water. You’ll see … more »
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Laundry Tip: How to Keep Clothes from Fading

If you’re having problems with colors fading in the wash, don’t bother with fancy detergents. For keeping your darks dark and brights bright, all your laundry really needs is a little extra TLC. 4 Ways to Protect Laundry Colors Colors fade from our clothing for a few simple reasons. Once you know what they are, … more »
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