13 Reasons to Stop Buying Bottled Water

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Leading a healthy lifestyle goes hand-in-hand with hydration. But all too often, people end up reaching for bottled water. There are so many better ways to get your drinking water! If you have the option to make a change, stop buying plastic water bottles. You’ll be doing the planet—and frankly, your budget—a real solid.

13 Facts Against Plastic Water Bottles

There are plenty of reasons to give up plastic water bottles. If you need a refresher course, just check out this list. Applying a little logic makes it easier to stop buying bottled water.

1. Bottled Water Costs More

On average, a bottle of water costs $1.11 wholesale. But when you consider the retail price and other expenses, bottled water actually costs somewhere around 300, or even 2,000 times the cost of tap water. At that price, plastic water bottles just throw money down the drain.

2. Heavy Lifting isn’t Fun

Lugging shrink-wrapped blocks of bottled water is no one’s idea of fun. Save yourself the back-ache loading water in and out of your grocery cart, then into car, and finally inside the house. It’s better to just end the cycle.

3. Home Filtration is More Convenient

Storing plastic water bottles also wastes space. Why bother making room in the pantry or fridge for water? It’s much easier to get your water from a tap. You can get as much water as you want, whenever you want it!

4. The Marketing Can Be Misleading

The pictures of “pristine mountains” and other alluring labels on plastic water bottles aren’t usually reliable either. Most of the time, they’re just filled with plain tap water. If you want good water quality at a great price, just filter it yourself, in-house.

5. Kitchen Filters Can Increase Home Value

Making mini-updates to your home is a fantastic way to boost your ROI. A new water filtration system (or water softener, for that matter) gives you benefits right away—plus it’s a nice perk for buyers down the road.

6. Filtered Water is (Much) Tastier

Filtering water right at your tap makes customizing the taste simple. You can choose from a filter that keeps the minerals in your water, or go with a powerful RO filter. Toss in a slice of lime, some ice cubes, or whatever else tickles your taste buds.

7. Transportation for Bottled Water is Wasteful

The vast majority of homes and businesses in the US are already hooked up to waterlines. There’s no sense in paying to ship bottled water when we can utilize what’s right at our tap. Eliminating that transportation is a brilliant way to shrink your carbon footprint.

8. Plastic Compounds Aren’t Healthy

There have been a lot of studies on BPA (bisphenol A) in recent years, but now other plastic problems are making headlines. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that it will review the concentration of microplastics in bottled water.

9. Making Plastic Requires Water—and Lots of It

Also, making those “recyclable” items in the first place is a pretty expensive process and uses a ton of water and energy. Bypassing the whole system by not buying plastic water bottles at all is definitely a smarter solution.

10. It’s Easier to “Reuse” than Recycle

When you fill up a reusable water bottle, you don’t have to worry about finding a recycling bin nearby. (Or worse, end up tossing it in the trash.) When your bottle is empty, you just fill it up again to keep on sipping.

11. Reusable Bottles Also Spread Awareness

Become a beacon for other conservation-lovers. When you have your reusable water bottle in tow, you’re letting the world know that plastic is out. It’s a subtle rally cry for others to ditch the plastic habits, too.

12. You Get Style Points with Reusable Bottles

There are so many options on the market today for reusable water bottles. Carry something that matches your personality and style. You’ll be more tempted to fill your reusable bottle if it speaks to your aesthetic.

13. Water Filters are Good for Green Homes

In our opinion, filtered water is a staple of clean living. But having a “green” lifestyle means you know how to reduce waste—not bring more plastic into your home. An upgraded RO system or other high efficiency filter is much better for your family.

It’s no secret that we’re fans of ditching the plastic. If you want to join us on our quest to create a Bottle-Free Indy, please share the love. Give your friends and family a reusable water bottle for a “just because” or Earth Day celebration. Then take the next step. Encourage your workplace and favorite hangouts to swap bottled water for a new bottle filler or other filtration system. It’s a great upgrade for everyone!

Getting rid of unnecessary plastic water bottles is a whole lot easier when you already have an alternative water source in place. Give Indy Soft Water a call at (317) 228-9822 if you need help getting setup. We’re always here for you!

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