Water Softener Rental

Your Affordable Solution for Soft Water

Our economical, metered water softener rental systems have a low monthly fee with maintenance included. Even better—a rental system can save you an average of 60% on your current salt and water expenses.

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Still have questions? No problem! We’ve answered some of our more common questions about softener rentals below. Or you can contact us for more information.

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Current Water Issues
Water deposits on clean dishesScale deposits on faucets and fixturesCloudy waterBlueish-green water stainsRust-colored or brown water stainsDry skin and hairChlorine taste or odorEarthy or fishy taste or odorMetallic taste or odorRotten egg smell

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Common Questions About Our Rentals


How much does it cost?

The basic installation fee for a pre-plumbed home is $99. There may be additional charges If your plumbing needs any modifications (which you’ll know about ahead of time). Prices can vary if you have well water or other contaminant risks, but standard water softener rental for city water is only $24.95 per month.


What do water softener rentals include?

Although softener salt is not included with rentals, your unit is covered for any service issues it might need. We also prioritize our rental customers’ service requests and try to arrive within that business day or next-day for your convenience.


How do I sign up?

Contact us by phone or email so we can schedule a time to come out to test your water and check your plumbing. There is no charge for this consultation. We do this to make sure your setup is a good fit and that we’ll be prepared on your installation day. That way, we’re all on the same page. (No surprises!)