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Aqua Bar II Water Cooler & Glacier Water Cooler
Made in America

These bottle-free coolers have built-in filtration. What’s not to love? By tapping right into your current water supply, bottle-free units eliminate the excessive costs related to traditional bottling and delivery. They even help cut down on your carbon footprint: No more water transporting means fewer fuel emissions in your area.

We love making Indianapolis bottle-free! Water delivery companies use plastic jugs than often contain Bisphenol A (BPA), a compound that’s been linked to various health issues. Filtering in-unit helps keep your drinking water clean and cool.

You will love low-maintenance, bottle-free technology. Forget those outdated delivery programs. These coolers save you money by filtering water right where you are, so you and your team can get the freshest water day-in and day-out. Even better—we install bottle-free coolers for free!

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More Affordable


  • Rentals include any service needs and filter changes
  • Built-in filtration provides zero-waste for your water
  • Aqua Bar II features safety lock and three-temperature dispenser: hot, cool, and cold
  • Eco-friendly coolers cut down on the estimated 30 million plastic bottles that go to landfills every day
  • No more lifting those 42-pound water jugs!
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