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Hello, Northside Neighbors!

Indy Soft Water currently works with northside clients in Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield, and Zionsville. We rent, sell, and service water softeners and drinking water filtration systems. Whenever you have questions about your water quality—we’re the ones to call.


Part of Your Community

Since 1964, Indy Soft Water has provided quality service to both residential and commercial clients all throughout the greater Indianapolis area. Our company is family-owned and we’re always driven to give you the best experience possible. It’s an honor to serve you!

We enjoy being active in our community and love supporting great causes. In 2016, we teamed up with Peace Learning Center, a local non-profit that provides outreach education on the values of respect, dignity, and dialogue. We gave 1% of our new sales in September to PLC, and we’ve also supplied them with a safe drinking water fountain for the kiddos in their programs. These folks are doing some truly amazing work—it’s been such a feel good for us!

We’ve also been involved with the Drink Water, Not Gas protests at 86th Street and Lafayette Road. Our Traders Point area neighbors have serious concerns about the planned gas station development, and we’re proud to stand alongside them. We’ve physically gone to the site to protest with our banners and have even donated one of our reverse osmosis water systems to help raise money. We believe the build would be a detriment because any gasoline or oil runoff could easily come into contact with Fishback Creek, which flows right into Eagle Creek—one Indy’s main water sources. (Check out our article to learn more about the environmental impacts.)

About Your Water

As with most everywhere else in the country, the water treatment facilities on the northside of Indianapolis rely on chlorine for its disinfectant properties. Chlorine does a good job of killing some bacteria and other contaminants from our tap water at the plant, but it’s not something most of us want to drink in our water. (Or shower in, for that matter.)

Chlorinated water can dry out our skin, discolor laundry, and damage some of the internal parts on major appliances and plumbing. It also adds an off-putting taste and smell to our tap water, which is why many people prefer to filter it out.

Different pH levels in water can create some odd tastes too. Carmel water, for example, showed high pH levels in their 2015 Water Quality Report. Carmel Water Utility’s upper range for pH levels came in at 8.18 and the highest Carmel-Clay measurements were at 8.29. While still within the EPA guidelines for Secondary Drinking Water Standards, they were definitely close to the 8.5 pH maximum limit.

Hard water is another common concern for the area. Homeowners in Fishers and Zionsville often come to us with complaints about water spots and hard water scale. The tap water in Westfield can be even worse. A 120 ppm measurement is the typical starting point for hard water. According to the 2015 Drinking Water Report, Westfield more than tripled that rating with an average hardness of 407 ppm. Fortunately, the right system can help keep those hard water minerals at bay.


High pH Levels

Hard Water

The most popular water units for the northside area take care of drinking water contaminants and chlorine removal. With the right setup, it’s easy to get fresh, clean water at every single tap!

Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions or concerns about your water quality. We’re always happy to review your home’s water during a complimentary consultation. Schedule your appointment today!

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Whole House System for Chlorine Removal

These units are great for busy homes because they take care of water hardness and chlorine removal at the same time. By filtering tap water as soon as it enters your home, you’ll only get water that’s clean, safe, and soft.

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RO Filtration for Drinking Water

Delicious water comes from good filtration. The power of reverse osmosis (RO) makes sure lead, iron, and other dissolved contaminants are kept out of your drinking water.

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