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At Indy Soft Water, we’re passionate about give you the best experience possible. We service all major brands of water softeners, and we’re proud to sell and rent the best water filters and softeners on the market. As your local water experts, you’re welcome to call us whenever you have a question about your water quality.


Part of Your Community

Indy Soft Water is family-owned and locally-focused. We’ve been working with businesses and homes in the greater Indianapolis area since 1964, and our loyal customers help us to continue growing. It’s an honor to serve our neighbors in Greenwood!

We enjoy being active in our community and love supporting great causes. In 2016, we teamed up with Peace Learning Center, a local non-profit that provides outreach education on the values of respect, dignity, and dialogue. We gave 1% of our new sales in September to PLC, and we’ve also supplied them with a safe drinking water fountain for the kiddos in their programs. These folks are doing some truly amazing work—it’s been such a feel good for us!

Indy Soft Water has also taken on the title and responsibility of “water sponsor” for Greening the Statehouse 2016. This annual event highlights some of the top environmental issues for Indiana, and we’re excited to get in on the action. We’ve offered up our handy bottle-free water coolers to help keep attendees hydrated—without the plastic waste. (We’re all about creating a Bottle Free Indy!)

About Your Water

Tap water in Greenwood tends to be “hard,” which means it contains high levels of dissolved calcium and magnesium minerals. Typically water that’s “very hard” has mineral measurements of 180 ppm. According to the 2015 Water Quality Report from American Water, Greenwood’s water hardness is even higher. The average range starts at 280 ppm and goes all the way to 400 ppm.

Because some of the water sources for Greenwood come from wellfields, it’s also common to see higher levels of iron and manganese in unfiltered tap water. These minerals can add an off-putting, metallic taste to water, and even cause water to leave stains on clean laundry, bathtubs, and sinks.

In that same report from American Water, Greenwood’s levels for iron and manganese showed up right at the top of the “standard limit.” The upper end of manganese’s average range was 0.043 ppm—just a little shy of the 0.05 ppm limit. Iron’s range, on the other hand, actually reached its limit of 0.3 ppm. Of course, every home is different. Your own water contaminant levels depend on your location. But for the cleanest and safest water possible, it’s best to filer right at your own tap.

Very Hard

Metallic Taste

Our clients in Greenwood often benefit from pairing our drinking water filters with one of these two systems. That way, you can get high-quality water at every tap, every time.

If you have any other questions about your water, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always happy to help—we’ll even review your home’s water quality report with you during a complimentary consultation. That way, you’ll know exactly how your water adds up. Schedule your appointment today!

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High-Efficiency Softener for Hard Water

These high-efficiency EcoWater units work great for Noblesville’s hard water. The softeners even come in two different sizes to help you maximize your water, salt, and energy savings.

Iron Filtration System for Well Water

Even city tap water can have high levels of iron and manganese. Iron filtration and oxidation work to remove those minerals and other contaminants for water that’s safe and crystal clear.

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