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filtered-versacooler-iiA Better Way to Hydrate

Filtered Versacooler® II & Aqua Pointe™ Bottle Filler
aqua-pointe-bottle-fillerBY OASIS

Help make your facility “green” by offering quality, filtered water right at the fountain. These eco-friendly systems let you cut back on wasteful water practices and give your employees and patrons the safe, clean water they deserve.

We love fighting plastic waste with eco-friendly bottle fillers. Some of these units even come equipped with a refill counter—so you’ll know exactly how many plastic water bottles you’ve saved in your building.

You will love the filters on these fountains. With the right filtration set-up, you’ll be able to keep lead, chlorine, and other contaminants out of your facility’s drinking water. Even better—these systems have plenty of installation and feature options. We’ll help you draft the perfect layout for your site.

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Removes Lead


  • VersaFilter® for taste, odor, chlorine, and lead reduction
  • Recessed design and proper installation meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements
  • Optional bottle counter display tracks global impact of each refill
  • Antimicrobial components infused with FRESHIELD® to minimize germ interaction
  • Bottle fillers come with mechanical button or electronic (touch-free) activation

Want the technical features? Click here for the spec sheets: Filtered Versacooler II PGF8EBF or Aqua Pointe Bottle Filler MG8SBF and MG12SPF.

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