How Does Chlorine Affect My Water Softener?

This is good information whether you are using city or well water- as many homeowners will periodically bleach their wells to kill bacteria. What affect does chlorine have on the resin in your water softener?  Without getting too far into the science, chlorine will ultimately breakdown the resin and create a swelling of the resin itself.  This response will ultimately reduce the effectiveness of your softener.  A lot of the information I found indicated that normal levels of chlorine in the municipal supply will typically not create this problem, the exception was for areas where higher levels of chlorine are required due to higher levels of bacteria found in the city water supply.  Indianapolis falls into this category.

We have higher levels of chlorine because a majority of our water supply comes from standing bodies of water, Morse and Geist, not the small number of municipally  owned wells.  This requires a higher level of treatment due to the nature of the water itself.  Standing water sources have higher levels of bacteria which require greater levels of treatment prior to entering the public water supply.

In the past, there have been two ways to remove chlorine from water. First, there was granular media carbon.  This is backwash style system that will typically recycle once per week.  These advantage to this style of system is that there is no pressure drop in the home during peak use times. The downside is that they are a little costly to maintain on an annual basis.

The second method for removing chlorine is a cartridge filter.  These are smaller and more affordable to maintain, but when the flow of water is increased typically a pressure drop occurs and the level of chlorine removal desired is not achieved.

Finally, there is a third choice.  The cartridge tank is part of the green filtration series by Hellenbrand.  This zero waste no backwash filter services 15gpm with a 90% reduction in chlorine for up to 140,000 gallons, or approximately one year for a family of four.   I like these numbers.  Even better, the cartridges come in different capacities so you can engineer your cartridge tank to meet your needs.  Designed to be easy to maintain by the homeowner, removing chlorine just got alot easier and more affordable.  For additional reasons on why you may want to remove chlorine from your household supply of water, follow this link

For well water, this is a great way to remove sediment prior to the softening process.


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